Aerodynamic Design Process Consulting Services

Force India Formula One Team(Aerodynamic Modelling)

July 2013 - Date...

Developing the Aero > CAD > CFD loop.

Writing legality checking software in CATIA V6

Running workshops and training sessions on advanced CATIA methods

Implementing advanced knowledge based methods for robust parametric design.

Airbus (Working with Altran PLM team)

Winning team of West of England Aerospace Forum Award 2012

Category: Innovation and Technology for Growth

Role: Thought Leader/ Technical Lead

Developed AIRGEOM - a framework and associated tools to morph aircraft structure. This can use point, curve, surfaces or knowledgeware to deform aircraft structures.

BMW / Rover

Lead developer on Virtual Image Styled Tooled Assembled (VISTA) project - to simulate the final car body quality during the early design stages. Used to mitigate risk and ensure the right decisions are made to ensure the achieved car bodt quality is as designed.

EADS Innovation Works

CATIA V5 consultant for workflow optimisation study using ModelCenter to implement a multi-disciplinary framework to explore the design space using virutal prototyping for a Formula 1 team.

Force India Formula One Team

Developed Parametric Geometry Environment (PAGE) to explore the design space for a Formula 1 car. Initial focus on front and rear wing assemblies.

Airbus Transonic Wing Shape Group

Devised, created and implemented a wing surface generation and refinement suite of tools for use within CATIA V5. This is the benchmark toolset for wing surfacing and is used throughout Airbus.

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