Aerodynamic Design Process Consulting Services





The services are mainly targeted at the Aerodynamics design area where surface quality requirements can extremely challenging - Class A surface finish with full parametric capability for rapid turn-around and exploration of the design space and more recently, to manufacture using composite materials.

Broadly, these are:

  • Parametric and Intelligent surface based modelling

Design complex aerodynamic surfaces with precise control of curvature and boundary conditions

Quickly identify and correct surface imperfections especially for composite material

Work effectively within a multi-disciplinary team


  • Morphing and Optimisation

Deform the shape using mesh-based or curve based methods to reflect in-servic deformations

Conduct risk mitigation studies early on in the design process where the cost of design changes are minimal


  • Process development

Understand the basis of CAD surfacing methods, the mathematical challenges, and learn how to get the most out of modern CAD systems especially CATIA

Capitalise on your CAD investment by streamlining workfllows

Optimise your design process to drastically reduce lead times

Bespoke training and masterclasses to develop and deploy world class skills

Deliver a quality service; delight your customer.



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