Aerodynamic Design Process Consulting Services


Within the ever competitive engineering world of design and development, there is constant demand for the teams to be working at maximum potential and delivering outcomes to the right quality within challenging timescales and budgets.

If you want to achieve a step change in your team's performance (skills, capability and delivery outcomes) I can help you as below:

Create a vision for world class aerodynamic process development in line with your company's strategy
Work closely with the team members to understand gaps in the current process
Develop methods, tools and processes to achieve aggressive targets of time, cost and quality
Allow the team to focus on innovation by making design tasks less arduous.

Armed with an aerodynamics background, I have acquired extensive experience in CATIA V5 and CATIA V6 and have always helped my customer teams achieve major breaktroughs in the design and development process by focussing on Knowledge, Speed and Efficiency.

If you have any questions or would like more information then please do not hesitate to contact me

Dexter D'Silva Eur Ing, CEng, MRAeS, MEng(Aero, Hons)



Current Major Assignment:

Force India Formula One Racing

Aerodynamic Design Process Consulting

Since August 2013

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Flap Support Fairings for Aircraft Manufacture

Q4 2015

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Airbus Aerodynamics

Parametric Wing Tip Design for CFD/CSM Studies

Q4 2014

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Airbus Wing team

Wing Morphing Toolset Development

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Airbus Aerodynamics

CATIA Surfacing Automation

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Airbus Aerodynamics

Flap Support Fairing, Fuel Pump Fairings

Wing Integrated Smoothing Environment

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